Monday, June 20, 2011

Back from the past....

So do you remember the last time you had cookies from scratch, or the last time you made your own gravey? Maybe thanksgiving?, or christmas, well I was thinking about how we eat today and how people would eat in the 40's and 50's time era. So it got me thinking about portion sizes, grocery costs, and how the heck did women back then stay so thin!! I mean they ate cakes, red meat, butter, sugar it was just madness thinking about this! 

So the first thing I started to look at was portion sizes, and that was a complete shocker how much food sizes had grown! The first serving size of soda when coca-cola first came out was 8 oz, and let me ask you when was the last time you only had this much soda? One day I was cleaning out some soda bottles to recycle and found on one dr. pepper bottle that the serving size was 8oz and another one that said 12oz, thats almost double the 7oz I was talking about before! French fries serving size use to be 2oz today it's up to 8oz!! And the sad thing is even dinner plates and cups have gotten bigger! 

The worse fact about all of this is we dont move around like we would if we lived back then, a stay at home mom was cleaning most of the time and picking up groceries, making multiple meals per day for the family! All of this burns calories! So women managed to stay fit, they would have long busy days and staying fit was not on their minds. 

They didn't have a lot of money due to war times, plus a lot of items being rationed, sugar was hard to come by so was meat, butter, tires, shoes, and more! A military family wasn't going to make a lot of money anyway, so they used cheap cuts of meat, not very much sugar, and mainly filled up on home made bread and potatoes. when it came to the meat, it mainly being cheap cuts, they would make stew, chicken and eggs were also hard to come by, so their main meats were pork, lamb, and beef. 

These people lived, with what they had, not what they chose, maybe for 1 week you could make meals like this, and move around and clean, the way I see it your killing 2 birds with 1 stone, your house is clean and you exercised! Plus with the foods you are buying you will save money, such as a bag of flour can make quite a bit of bread, and try planting some vegetables and fruit, just so it's fresh, not canned, tastes great, and no pesticides. If you dont have the space use a planter. Or go to the farmers market! Have fun!!