Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Drive-Thru Menu

                                I know what your thinking, SALAD but thats not always the case especially when you drown it in ranch dressing. So yeah a lot of people don't find a regular garden salad very filling so, here's some ideas to get you filled up at the drive-thru and not filling out everywhere else. Most every Fast food restaurant I've been to you can order a chicken sandwich, with fried chicken, mayo, bacon, cheese,  and don't forget the fries, but that can be more calories than a Big Mac. 
                               So i'm going to show you how to eat right on the go! When your somewhere like McDonald's, Wendy's, Dairy Queen, Sonic, ect. they have chicken or turkey sandwiches, which both are lower in calories and are a lot leaner than regular beef. Grilled chicken is ALWAYS better than fried, Mayo is not the best for any kind of sandwich do to the CALORIES so instead use mustard or avocado, DON'T use bacon, and go for light cheese (normally you don't know how many calories are in the cheese they use or what kind of cheese it is), and when it comes to sides you can take out the fries, I KNOW the FRIES, your killing me but i'm actually saving you (did you know in one kid sized fries has 230calories thats for a SMALL, for a medium 380 calories, and for a large fry a whopping 500 calories. So there are healthier choices today such as salads, apple fries, yogurt, parfaits, and more! All the options I just gave you are under 200 calories. The salad Dressing is a real trouble though you can use salsa (which is awesome in calories 5-10 calories for 1TBS YEAY!), Ranch Dressing on the other hand 70CALORIES per 1TBS thats 7-14 TBS of salsa! 
                                Now I'm going to show you how to put this Drive-thru meal together, 

  1. Grilled Chicken OR Turkey (NO BEEF)
  2. No Mayo go for Mustard or if you don't like mustard go for avocado or more veggies, or just plain.
  3. Skip the Bacon and the Cheese
  4. On the side skip the fries, go for a Yogurt, Apples, Fruit parfait, or Salad
  5. Careful on the dressing on the salad's
  6. Alway's go for water, coffee, or low calorie drinks (nobody wants to waste there calories on something that doesn't fill you up)

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