Wednesday, April 20, 2011


                  Okay let me just start right now I have lost 50lbs., and I love sweets and I eat them almost everyday! Obviously there is a catch to this right well there is, small alterations to making your food taste sooo much better and sooo much better for you!! So let me tell you how i did this, CALORIES! It was that simple but i'm sure some people are very unsure about counting calories, but the reason I did it was because it was my lifestyle choice, I didn't want to do all this hard work and gain it all back because I was on a diet. The only way to be sure I didn't was to make it permanent. So yes I count calories every single day and I try my best to eat healthy all the time.  
                I hated being overweight it was like you want to do things but you feel like your held down by weights and there is no reason to even work anymore, but thats one thing I did learn from all of this is you got to keep fighting through everything hard times or not, we have all been there. I'm sure some people are thinking well it's just weight loss, well no not exactly because we let things hold us back or we become lazy from what we've become so after this experience you cannot say it was just weight loss. I have learned so much from this and I hope I can help all of you.

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